Based in Hamilton Ontario; we are family owned and operated by two brothers. Between the owners and employees we have a combined 50 plus years of experience working with concrete; providing the experience needed to eliminate setbacks and mistakes that lead to expanded budgets and missed deadlines.


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what we offer
SCP Concrete  Services
Concrete Driveways

Is your driveway looking worn out and damaged? Does it have cracks, broken pieces, stains, warped sections, faded color, or just overall need repairs? Are you exhausted from having to fix, reseal, and refinish it every year? Installing a new concrete driveway is a worthwhile investment that will increase your home's curb appeal for years to come!

Concrete Patios

A concrete patio is one of the most luxurious and customized way to enhance the living and dining space of your home – simply bring the living outdoors! Our stamped concrete creates the warmth and natural beauty of stone, tile, even wood stamped concrete underfoot.

Concrete Pool Decks

Imagine enjoying a lovely day beside a cool blue swimming pool. Now, what to you imagine that swimming pool to be encased in? Surely it isn’t cracked concrete or shifted and uneven patio stones.

Pattern Concrete

Bring beauty and sophistication to your space with our pattern concrete designs. Whether you prefer a classic and timeless pattern or something more intricate and artistic, we have the expertise to create a stunning focal point for your property.

Coloured Stamped Concrete

There are literally dozens of colours to choose from when deciding on coloured stamped concrete. A few things must be considered prior to making your final choice, such as whether the concrete will be indoors or outdoors.

Concrete Steps

Having concrete steps adds a lovely flow to any existing walkway, driveway, or path. It creates a customized finish that is both durable, easy to maintain, and has little to no chance of shifting or cracking over time

Concrete Walkway

Whether the statement you want to make is bold or subtle, keep in mind that the walkway is most likely the first and last tangible impression that guests will make while visiting your home or work place.

Concrete Basement Floor

Using concrete is becoming ever more popular as people are discovering the value and the many looks and finishes this product has to offer. Not only does it create a beautiful and natural flooring option, it has so many different looks available!

Concrete Garages

When creating a customized garage area, whether it’s for your car(s) to be parked or if it will be used as a work area, it’s important to consider these three things. The first is the durability; you want this investment in your home or workplace to last. The second is maintenance, having a sealed concrete floor is so easy to clean.

Custom Designs

In essence, all of our stamped concrete projects are ‘custom design’ as no two are alike. However, when it comes to planning and creating a project that is unique; such as adding to something that is pre-existing or creating walls or barriers, we at SCP are the pros!